I was going to take a nap.

Naren has been here ever since.


What do you call this vegetable in English?


Why don't you just come out and say it?

What a beautiful girl she is.

The man had just returned from a visit to Europe.

Translate this text.

They must not have heard me.

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So fast did he run that they couldn't catch up with him.

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It is six years since I started to study English.

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Quit talking, will you?

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Explain it in plain terms, please.

Put your hands up here and get' em wet.

Jeanne broke up with her two days later.

My hobby is making phrases.

What part of the country did they settle in?

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The cause of the accident is not known to us.

Our conversation lasted for hours.

I think you should choose her.

Stop whatever it is you are doing and listen to me for once, dammit!

I prefer you to come.

I think it's time for me to put new bait on the hook.

Every country has a capital city.

I haven't been the same since you left.

You'll bring her, won't you?

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My goal is to become happy.

I haven't found my keys yet.

He loves him for his beauty.

The room is ready for us to move into.

This song is degrading to women.

Joanne is going to the concert.

We often play hookey from school.


I've been absolutely miserable.


I'm afraid we are out of stock.

Why didn't you come yesterday? I waited a long time for you.

The kids were gone when I got home.


I think you're looking for something that isn't there.


That was a lucky shot.

Jennifer isn't charismatic.

He said that he was Kelly.

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Which do you prefer?


I regret that I can't see you tonight.


My life is empty without him.

Excuse me. Where is the bakery?

I take the bus to school.

Kamel handed Mick the money.

The myth offers insights into the ancient civilization.

Two families live in the house.

He cut himself with a knife yesterday.


The government listens to the people in the end.

Could you tell me the way to the station, please?

I wouldn't ever really do that where I live.

That's very funny.

Most Hollywood movies have a happy ending.

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Jeffery handed Doyle a glass of champagne.

Google makes money by selling advertising.

You need a change of air.

I'm afraid you got off at the wrong place.

Hienz asked me this morning if I wanted to go jogging with him.

There's a fine line between what's acceptable and what's not.

Judy came up with a good idea.


We always begin with the hardest problems.

Maybe you will come to see us when you have free time.

When the Russians give back Donetsk to the Ukrainians, there won't be a single building left standing.

I'm going to buy some water.

That happens every day, doesn't it?


He divided the bread into two pieces.

I wasn't expecting it from you!

This book is worthy of attention.

My house is here.

Can you guys keep a secret?

I hope you find what you're looking for.

What country are you from?

He was so kind as to show her the way.

Do you know how to write a letter in English?

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I've turned off most of the lights to save power.


Warren thought he had heard wrong.


He is out of tune.

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Repairing a broken radio I realise over again that I don't have an understanding of the operating principles of circuitry.

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Billy bought Sergei a dog.

I'm a heavy sleeper.

There is no such thing as a Belgian, there are only Walloons and Flemish.

Star-watching is good for your eyes.

Perhaps we should discuss this later.


These German translators are so unproductive, Tatoeba should delocalise production to Asia!

Mike said a few words by way of suggestion.

We have no idea where he is.

I believed that he had no right to do that.

I told you to leave him alone.


But my older sister is good at swimming.


I wanna see your expression.

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Kathleen has as many servants as he needs.

What is the breadth of this road?

The video spread like wildfire over the Internet.

He was able to get home before dark.

How about holding a debate on women's rights?

I didn't understand.

They're starving.

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Jose could see that Gil wasn't happy.


I fall asleep in the class every now and then.

That happened on Park Street.

The coelacanth inhabits the deep sea.

She has talent in writing.

We trusted them.

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Sleep is the best meditation.

He lives in England.

Glen and Ric said they wanted to be left alone.

I'm pretty much done.

Am I on that list?

It takes two to make a quarrel.

How are your parents?

Beth has preserved her good looks.

You must be seen by a doctor.

There are not enough mangoes.

We don't go to school on Saturday.

I got up very late this morning.

I sure hope Lowell arrives on time.

International problems must be solved by diplomacy, not war.

Brian and Simon weren't happy here.

We Africans are excellent athletes and runners.

Despite their efforts, they didn't succeed.


Her face is covered with pimples.

If you take this bus, you will get to the village.

Albert is quick at learning.

Sandeep could've been one of us.

I readily grasped at his proposal.

I cannot sign a contract without reading it.

She was wearing a heavy coat to protect against the chill.

Christopher needs a cup of sugar.

Sanjay seems to be annoyed with himself.

She might have met him yesterday.

He is about your age.

I am studying to be a translator or interpreter.

One of them even spoke to us.

Can you recommend a good red wine?

He is working in AIDS research.


I won't take this any longer.

We call our English teacher E.T.

It was the perfect day for a picnic.

You added nothing.

Sundar called Noemi when he got home.

Bryan started taking her clothes off.

Children are always doing some mischief or other.

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Brodie seems to always be away on business.

Things might've turned out better if you hadn't gone there.

I'll run it by them.


That is why I don't sleep.

He noticed straight away.

How could I resist?

The girl who's playing the piano is my sister.

We spent happy days there all the summer.

How's your day going?

Jane has been quiet and grouchy for the past few days.

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I know exactly what you need.


She lived a happy life.

You are here in order to obey my commands.

I'm not telling you what to do.


His misfortunes caused him great bitterness.

I don't know what to do next.

I already told you that she isn't here.

Gideon has just finished writing his report.

The two statements don't agree.