My time in school will be one of my happiest memories.

I am sure he would be the last person to do it.


It was not my mistake.

She risked her life to save him.

Are you vegetarian?

I haven't been waiting so long.

The children in the house stood round the stove; for they wanted to see the paper burn.


But for your help, I would have failed.

When was the last time you played golf?

There are no wheels on this suitcase.

I assure you they're exactly the same.

A car, an airplane, and a computer are all machines.

I don't have to listen to that.

Who unplugged the TV?

The man is starving.

He caught nothing.

It's important we find them.

Both Marsha and Ramadoss have done well.

I didn't know you were down there.

Can you get up?


He dare not go alone.

This is the means by which I can find him.

So far, I haven't told anyone.

He stood there for a while.

I take a bath once a day.


He's the president of the bank.


This train is crowded, so let's take the next one.


What happened to your arm?

I've studied French for three years.

Do you live in this dorm?

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Why is it tolerated?

Maybe Cynthia can join us.

We're never going to do that.

The plane took off.

I expect him to come to our aid.

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My ears were ringing from being beaten.

I can't write that well.

I think Leith isn't serious.

The police found nothing to link Dan to the robbery.

Has she ever been to outer space?


He makes a face.

Of course, you would eat puddings that are full of proofs, wouldn't you?

Pedro came back with a shotgun.


Is this lake deep?

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Terrance told Dori something she didn't want to hear.

They ordered a large pizza.

Do you take your tea with lemon or with milk?

Why are you so certain?

I want to apologize to everybody.

The increase in population has become a serious problem in the country.

What exactly are we trying to find?

Then I try to play the first notes.

Women are often judged by their looks.

I know where Rakhal would be if he had any choice.

It is easy to understand what he is trying to say.

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Maybe Anita was wrong.

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He is a psychic.

Three customers came in just as we were closing.

I don't have any brothers or sisters.


Do you know my age?

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We need more sugar.

The three-day discussion was worthwhile.

The police asked the girl to make a rough sketch of her lost dog.

Japan has an economy that is supported by hard-working company employees in big cities.

Are you from round these parts?

Let me show you where the guest room is.

Orville doesn't need to be here until 2:30.

Only you can save me.

Anyone stupid enough to go there is asking for it.


It is the job of his own choosing.


How old is your elder son?

Mexico is the third largest country in North America, after Canada and the United States.

I'll watch Sal.

Is that what it was?

Is he having an affair?

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I need a chance to get even.

I like taking naps right after lunch.

Eric is an eternal optimist.


Matthieu thought Dieter would die an old maid.

We could write her a letter.

You don't want to do anything to remind them that you're not really old enough to be here.

The Ministry of Environment would play a more important role that way.

You must be careful not to make him angry.

She asked the office, in order to obtain more detailed information.

You will soon accommodate yourself new ways of living.


Have you been here long?

They vowed to marry after the war.

We have talked about all areas of the Union's external action.

Vilhelm'd be cute if she'd just shut up. Her way of speaking really gets on my nerves.

It's too long.

Think has been crying almost every day.

The committee was not disposed to hold another meeting.

Did somebody hear something?

Say what you really mean.

You're athletic.

No special celebration is planned.

I opened an eye.

He and his grandmother played a few games of Crazy Eights until his mother picked him up.

Sofoklis shot himself.

What were they eating?

I know from his speech that he is not an American.

Joseph is smarter than that.

I just love flowers.

I'd like to book a bedroom.

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Let's talk about it after school.

They don't know what they should do with the money.

I can't go on like this.

We find him not guilty.

As for my father, he has not gone abroad until now.


That explains a lot.

I just don't have any energy to wash up now. I'll do it later, okay?

Is it your birthday today?

Rayan will get you everything you need.

First we have International English, which will probably become simpler than "standard."

It is bad weather.

And just when you think that you've seen it all...

We know how to get around traffic congestion.

I got it for half price at a sale.

The first native speaker of Esperanto was born in 1904; today there are several thousand Esperanto native speakers.

I'm strongly opposed to a compromise.

Hippopotamuses love water.

She picked up a stone.

Mat just changed his mind again.

It was a great shock to me.

Get back here and fight.

Tickets are free on a first-come, first-serve basis on the night of the performance.


I'm sure that this is a fresh water fish.


I was Max's teacher.

Suzan is only a couple of years younger than Jagath.

If you are to know a nation, you must learn its history.

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There's a peacock in the courtyard.

Ann apologized to her teacher for coming to school late.

She is blind to her own beauty.

Bilal is a person of knowledge.

All this has changed.

I recommend you try studying a bit harder.

The man went to pieces when the judge said he would have to go to prison for life.

Heinrich doesn't enjoy eating spicy food.

You're twisting my words.

She lighted a cigarette.

Please give me a pen and some sheets of paper.

Tell me over dinner.

You're the one with the Ph.D.

Our school library is small, but new.

Look at the flowers trembling in the breeze.

Sandy doubled over with pain.

The company's financial year runs from April until March of the following year.

How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality? Is human reason, then, without experience, merely by taking thought, able to fathom the properties of real things.

Margaret wasn't joking.

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Of these two opinions, I prefer the latter to the former.

It's right there on your desk.

Men do not exist in this world to become rich, but to become happy.

A fallen rock barred his way.

Do you want to go with Rabin?

Would you answer some questions for me?

A green carpet will not go with this blue curtain.

The girl is skillful at knitting.

Her health has been declining these past months.

She studies hygiene as part of her domestic science course.

You've lied to us before.

He works us too hard.

Are you sure we have not met before?

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The moon has no atmosphere.


Don't get rough with them.


Roberto wasn't happy about it.

Jarl did it in spite of all the difficulties.

Whose dictionary is it on the table?

You're not helping.

At present a very great number of people are seeking to participate and, depending on circumstances, up to a month ahead is fully booked.


Crank up the heater.